Hello world!

Want, Money, Power, Control, Influence, Pride, Security, Possessions, Entertainment, Time, Sleep, Religion, Sex, Love, Justice, Privacy, Drugs, Sports, Games, Travel, Art, Family, Friends, People, Animals, Environment, Freedom, Happiness, Health, Education, Peace, Imagination, Dreams, Enlightenment, Need, Life

This is the common order of concern of the elements that make up the experience that we call “life” for the typical person. These are the things that we may satisfy in life and we are trying to satisfy them in a faulty order.

We are alive. If we can be certain of one thing, it is that we are alive. Beyond that, we are left with mostly questions and confusion. Some of us are comfortable and some of us are not. Some have happiness and some do not. There is war, but there is love. There is disease, but there is hope. There is pain, but there is art.

The question is, who are “we” and why are we here? Are we making things better or worse for ourselves? Are we making things better or worse for others? Are we happy? Are you personally happy? Do you even know the answer? Are you absolutely, without question, certain of anything?

What makes us happy? Is it the same for everyone? Do we sometimes only believe that we are happy because we’ve been distracted from that which makes us sad? Do we prefer it that way? Or are we even aware of it? Can you even imagine true happiness?

Everyone can imagine fortune and fame, everyone can imagine sexual fantasies and wild adventures, but who can imagine happiness? Can you? Can you imagine at all?


Ok, so enough with the questions. I’m sure the last thing you need right now in your life are more questions. You came here for answers, didn’t you?


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