It’s time to start writing songs.

This post will be expanded upon in much more detail later, I just wanted to drop the thought in here to stir for a while. You’ll find that I will do that often… drop in a thought randomly out of nowhere. It may be obscure and seemingly trivial, but it may contain something very interesting if I ever get around to exploring it.

This is one of those thoughts.

It’s time to start writing songs. We all know it was coming, we were just waiting for something to trigger it. This most recent violent attack at an educational institution (being touted by the media as “the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. History” –, as if it were some prized buck that they’d shot themselves) will surely reach down into the deepest rights issues. Lawyers are going to have a field day, reformists are going to be out in full force and our rights are going to be further atrophied from their original image. Freedom is at stake, here in America, every single day. I don’t want to choose one event and call it the spark that became a flame, but if you get enough sparks going at the same time… a fire is bound to start.

We need some serious reconsiderations in this country (and this world). Folk musicians ignited a generation with honest, strong and foreshadowing lyrics. This music brought to the surface a wanderlust in millions of people and inspired a generation to create more music. Music of change, power and freedom intertwined with cosmic interpretations furthered (furthur, for you hippies) that mindset and manifested itself into reality. I have yet to identify modern day equivalents of these musical genres, movements and their icons. These days it’s all just a bunch of sugar-coated ear dope (and not the good kind!)

Did passion die?


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