People ask a lot of questions, but do they ask the same kind that I do?

Are we allowed to ask the state to address, with a thorough examination and a fair and open mind, certain concerns and requests from citizens that arise when a citizen feels that some part of the entirety of the law or a specific prescription of it prevents an action, both non-threatening to the immediate safety, provided liberty and physical livelihood of others or to that of the state, that he or she may wish to participate in, regardless of his or her station in life, be it outlaw, prisoner or politician, to be considered with special circumstance in regards to the common or prescribed law, in the face of full public disclosure of the intention of the requisite concern and of the heights and limits of the threat that this request or concern poses to the immediate safety, provided liberty and physical livelihood of others? Where is the court of special circumstance for all inhabitants of a state? Where is the court that considers nature, intention, subjection, personal history & future and circumstance over the guidelines of law and agreed facts? Where is the court of freedom and justice for all here on Earth? Where is the benevolence and benevolentness of law? If I am not to expect these questions of law to be answered in a court of law by men who are proclaimed to be experts of law and who control the will of the masses and individuals such as myself, then to where would I send these questions regarding law to which we are all subject?

U.S. flag on the Moon

Is freedom for sale? Do you think that anyone will ever trademark the United States flag? Have they already?

Is exile (or banishment) still an option on the table, which may be opted for in exchange for any punishment or imprisonment by state, for an individual in a circumstance subject to the state’s authority? Where would an exile go in a modern world? Where is the place for temporary exile?

We face the great moral and ethical question of a free state approaching a control state: Do we level the playing field through reducing everyone to a comfortable and safe, yet controlled level of existence, or do we raise everyone to a free and safe, but instead of controlled, enlightened, level of existence. To educate or punish is the great question, and it is a personal one, not one of the state. A state should provide support and necessity at the request of any person who wishes to do no harm to others. A state should obey the will of the people, not direct it.


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