To be… what?

Science leads to weaponry, law leads to oppression, politics leads to war, medicine leads to loneliness, business leads to evil and education leads to either poverty or suffocation. No, certainly there is no position for an educated man in this modern world to exercise his mind in a respectable way; save for artists, musicians and the like. I do suppose I would have rather been a base-baller.

If I were asked to sum up all of the world’s problems into a single word, hypocrisy is definitely in the running. Our current political (and as a result, social) process is under constant strain and suffers a ridiculous number of unnecessary complications due to the influence of selfish idealism and the siren-like draw of society’s punitive distractions. To put it simply: Most people are not paying attention to what is truly important because they are overly concerned with superficial concepts and burdened by foolish and unnecessary rules and obligations.


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