After the storm…

Once mankind (or an AI system) understands all of the esoteric world, what will we do? In layman’s terms: Once we figure everything out and there are no secrets, mysteries or problems… what will we do? The only thing left to do will be try to enjoy life, be creative and find love. Of course, once we reach these heights it is much easier to fall. Assuming we still have bodies when this is all over. After all, we only operate a few dimensions at this point… give it time.

With this in mind, I must present a question: If after all of this struggle, we will end up only trying to have fun… why are we doing anything else? Why are we creating problems? Why are we worrying?

Everyone would be the same with a dictator, with a religion, with a government, with a belief, without a belief or with complete enlightenment. After any of them has their way, after those goals succeed and there are no more problems or obstacles… they will operate, like a machine. If we all left each other alone and held our own beliefs true, we’d all end up doing exactly the same as each other… enjoying life, being creative and finding love. We’d all operate ourselves in this condition, the human condition. Why can’t we all just do that now? Why must we know and own everything? (both as a social group and as individuals) Why aren’t we satisfied?

Rage against the machine, please.


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