The Tin-Man or The Piano man? Relevance is… arbitrary.

The blue man shouted this:

“I am frozen here, as a djinn in a lamp, angered and pacified by its condition. My face pressed against the virtual crystal column that contains me. A column well-formed and solid in appearance, with a rough surface reminiscent of sandpaper, yet showing gloss and transparency in mystical fashion. The form is edgy and sharp, with protruding points at random distribution near the top of the column, converging to a single point, in all of the geometric glory of a pencil actively engaged with a sharpener. Inside the mislabeled sanctuary is the prismatic, multi-faceted and necessarily contained light of earned wisdom. However, my perspective being finally free of the confines of time, is still subject to its devious flow. One wave, traveling below the emotional radar, takes me by the legs while another wave, above it all, bowls me over, traveling in the opposite direction and with as much purpose as the first. The rocks never stop waiting and the sirens never stop crooning. I am not aware of any cessation of these waves to be expected, other than the perception of their interfered cancellation, which only results in more waves of less distinction to my instincts than the originals. Those waves are the gray areas, and not always welcome. Time maintains urgency, urgency maintains choice. My urgency has dissipated beyond reasonable consideration, and so with it, my desire for choice. Submittal is my only means of survival now.”

Submittal to what, though? That’s the real contingency. And who is this blue man?


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