Take pause…

There does exist a place outside of space and time that can be witnessed and interpreted during this lifetime, as we pass through this most excruciating of dimensions. Few experience it, they are called mystics, prophets or sometimes artists, but often they are simply considered insane. I am most apt and likely to carry the last of those labels.

I have seen whatever “it” is, heard whoever “he” is speak and been to the top of wherever “the mountain” is, once, for long enough to consider it eternity in moments, in perfect harmony, in and above the endless illusion making machine of no substantial or ontological reason applicable. I have been analogously obsessed since. I have found deeper meaning in all, even though I cannot recall this place and memory anymore than you can remember the awe and wonder of your childhood. You may recall some events, but you do not remember your true perception before learning. I have a fleeting star holding it up in my head, but I cannot grasp it. It is there though, and I am aware of it. I claim no dogmatic principle or hard language definition, other than that it is a bridge of the gap between science and religion. To be human is to fill this gap, regardless of form.

This experience is nothing like you have experienced, although it may seem to be something people believe is replicated by child birth, etc… this is not what I am speaking of. (Although, sometimes, be it EXTREMELY rarely, transcendence can be triggered by an epiphany, extreme astonishment or even trauma.) Some people apply a name or construct to the concept that they have peeked at, usually in religious context. Others only claim that they have had the experience, while some believe that any shaking of their foundations of reality is equivalent to true understanding. Still, some others believe that the small wonders and distortions that they have seen and experienced are this thing and that they have experienced truth because they agree with it, it agrees with them and it seems to be logical. This is not the level I am speaking of. This place has no description here and is not conceivable in shape or sense, it cannot be only daydreamed of, but must be experienced to be understood. I am not only speaking of merely a feeling and an overwhelming sense of unconditional love and joy, wholeness and disappearing loneliness and excited, elevated spirit in marvel of the miracle of creation as one does with such grand and wondrous events of life, but of a visible, audible presence of universal oneness and complete understanding of being, with foresight, universal knowledge of ALL things, love, dissolution of time and space itself into infinity as long as one chooses to stay, new dimensions and grand perspective while the body disappears, the ego dies (the real ego, Freud and Jung’s ego, not the street definition) and you literally become and see everything and everyone who is everywhere and see the endless painting of the machine while the meaning of life is revealed and understood as simply as 0 + 1 = 1. From Wonderland to Eden in a split second and forever, teasing death in glorious, synchronous apathy. The unborn mind waiting to be interpreted… insane.

The only people that talk of this rare moment with authority are the enlightened ones or those who have received some type of inner light for moments to elate their spirit to recognize the real. The rest of those who experience it talk about it with excited zeal and wistful eyes. Those who get only a glimpse weep in the absence of the experience when they cannot replicate it. We live in a false world, a matrix of Maya, a godhead of ourselves in a schizophrenic dream. There are no rules, only perceptions. There are signs, there are symbols and provoking tools to use to reach this point, unfortunately it is not the same for everyone. There are, however, sure ways to at least induce more perception, and for those with enough context and general intellect, a special place to be reached once ready. This does not happen to everyone who tries, but does sometimes happen to those who do not. I am speaking of a rare and beautiful moment, a divine lottery. Space, time, terrestrial, alien, synthetic, organic, computer, mind, science, religion, etc… these are all epistemological terms that are only relatively true. We live in a constant perspective shift and we constantly compare it to how it “was” before. Evolution, cycles, history, Tao, the internet, “self-transforming hyperspace machine elves with an agenda of their own”, Buddhas, reptilian overlords, black holes, God, all of it… illusions of agreed upon existence by one consciousness. There are waves of everything, everywhere and of all proportion, although most humans ignore them in favor of the tunneled safety of the five senses, time, matter and belief. Every discipline says the same thing, but our words get in the way of understanding, we have knowledge but we do not have wisdom, collectively. Reality is polluted in its objective interpretation, but working just the way it should. Simulated.

Music is a universal language that combines mathematics, language, imagination, art, discipline, emotion, tools and the human element. There may be something to that. “Sex, drugs and rock and roll” may not be as easily dismissed as some would like believe. The same applies to asceticism and morality. We must question everything to find all of the answers. I would advise against taking the truth and facts from subjective opinions expressed by unenlightened people, and I do mean unenlightened in any capacity. Some people who have had a transcendent experience only have one set of beliefs or one collection of knowledge to compare it to, so it comes through only in those terms and only validates something that may be accurate to a degree, but is not precise, although it seems to be true contextually. It is rare that one meets a fully enlightened person, even more rare that one becomes such a thing. Yin and yang, black and white, synthetic and organic, reality and the void, 1 and 0. Perhaps next time around…

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. -Buddha

Think for yourself, question authority. – Timothy Leary

Disclaimer: To be clear, I was lucky to have been properly prepared and to have experienced this in my lifetime, but not special from other people or other things. Anyone could (and some do, sometimes permanently) achieve this state of mind, by many different means and methods. It was by mere chance of interpretation and fate of action that I experienced my revelation, for which there are many different names. In my life, if I must say one truth to be held accountable for by any authority, I swear to all of my experience that I witnessed this rare and mysterious vision. Its nature cannot be explained yet, its instigators many and its existence undeniable only unto itself. The dead need to wake up.


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