Instead of learning, learn how to learn.

Don’t spend too much time on the title, it’s as circular as they come.

When someone questions another person’s opinion and understanding regarding a particular discipline such as science, mathematics, religion or literature they usually throw out facts, problems, challenges or memorized interpretations as their argument to purport the idea that because someone else does not have an empirical and provable knowledge of those certain concepts that they lack understanding. (e.g. If someone talks about physics but cannot do certain equations or does not know the terminology for certain concepts, their opinion is typically considered less valid than those who do even though they may understand the concept.) When someone seems to be completely capable and versed in a certain discipline such as mathematics or science and is able to work on difficult problems but seemingly possess no understanding of other people’s perspective, they are intelligent but oblivious and sometimes have a problem using ability in conjunction with understanding. When someone possesses good comprehension and understanding of things and of life in general but lacks the actual agreed upon knowledge base and abilities that we use in the real world to put that understanding into action as science, engineering or music, etc… and they refuse to widen their viewpoint, they are capable but closed-minded. When someone possesses the ability to understand things, as well as the understanding of how to put them into action, they no longer need to do either. Understanding alone will bring you comfort. Intellect alone will bring you reward. Together they bring you harmony. The second you understand what an equation is doing, rather than how to do it, you will no longer need to remember it. The more things you understand the more places you can use your understanding in your own thought process. If you truly see the connection of all things as they are, there is no such thing as math, science or anything else. However, if you you choose to observe things as real and understand their relation to everything else, they become very much so.

Random interjection: Meme = “Me, me!” Touché Dr. Dawkins, it is indeed a selfish gene.


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