I need an honest book with no mistakes.

If I were a more efficient man, not to mention more productive, I would possess quite a collection of personal works and accomplishments. My current lack of distinction is due to a stubborn disregard for “the rules” and nothing less, enabled by a terminal case of perfectionism. No incapability, incompetence or bland and unimaginative ideas have led me to where I currently stand. I have chosen this, inspired out of curiosity and driven by obstinacy. To say it simply, I want answers… to everything.

Recently, after its having persisted for a good while in my personal philosophy, I gave up on the idea that a writer (or any exponent of any theory through any medium, for that matter) must have a nearly complete viewpoint on all subjects, as they relate to one another. That is to say, he or she must have a thorough and comprehensible knowledge of all previous attempts at approaching the chosen subject matter. I held the contention that one must be well versed in their most important contemporaries and predecessors, as well as counterparts and various antitheses, as they may be, to be considered a credible and worthwhile authority. I no longer hold to this. I had originally formed this stance as a means to single out a source and voice that I could trust for truth concerning the nature of reality, the human experience and all things important, ingenious and beautiful. I was looking for someone who “knew it all”, with real world experience, a grasp on the gritty reality of life and an appreciation for its ferocious beauty. I wanted someone who had examined this scientist and that theologian and these rituals, etc, and the list goes on. The more I sought this inspiration, the less I was able to find it. Each hopeful candidate for my bearer of truth was examined until a weakness found. An out of place statement, obvious untruth or bold leap of logic would always send me away from them with crushed memories of a fallen idol. I secretly like to believe that I was hoping to find this spring of fulfillment so that I could remain lazy and not be driven to actually write such a thing myself, a daunting task let me assure you.

I do still hold that a contributor to the common knowledge, that is, one who creates and shares their works, of any sort, although especially applicable to writers (of all types), should have their own original and personal viewpoint to be considered valid. Additionally, I believe their work must be an honest reflection of that viewpoint to be considered artistic and valuable. In a free market of ideas, that which is unique or curious is precious and priceless, that which is necessary or appealing has trade value, and that which is unoriginal or useless is ignored or discarded.


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