A Definition Of Freedom

Before I begin, I must qualify the purpose of this message. My intentions are not to impose any personal or religious beliefs upon you, nor to invalidate what you currently believe or to replace your mode of thinking with mine. Likewise, I am not addressing you to destroy your religion or lack thereof, nor will I attempt to change your beliefs, values or way of life. I do not believe that my will should be imposed upon others. I am here to do what I consider to be the only logical thing that I can do. I wish to share my opinion with you. My words and ideas are my trade value. I am sharing my perspective because I believe that I should do that which I honestly consider will provide the most value to others and the most happiness to myself, both in the long-term and in the here and now. I believe that I must do this without impeding the freedom of others or myself. I believe that I must not interfere with the ability of other people to live their lives, make their own choices, believe their own beliefs and achieve personal happiness. In accordance, I assert that men should not hold ideals that may result in the denial of another’s ability to practice their own ideals freely. I wish that all of mankind shared these same aspirations. Unfortunately, they do not. Mankind has corrupted its general purpose, perverted its sense of justice and destroyed that which it once held to be precious. Mankind has lost its proverbial way, assuming that we had ever known it.

It does not require more than an average intellect to realize this observation and reckon it into fact. We are plagued by confusion and paralyzed by our fears. In this condition we have constructed a monstrous apparatus of control. It was born out of our collective angst, nurtured by our desperate confusion and fueled by our ignorance and indifference. The synthetic blankets of responsibility, which we call laws, society and progress, are known to nearly all men everywhere. In their current form they functionally do little more than perpetuate one another in the claim of a simultaneous real world and esoteric greater good, for which the only prizes to show are the laws, society and progress themselves. These things insofar have done little in the name of providing actual truth and freedom to men. This is not to say that the triumvirate of civilization is invalid or should be done away with, but rather that it has the potential to be something much greater than it has ever been and should be tended to properly, so that it may flourish. For a civilization to truly flourish it must value culture, individualism and freedom while still maintaining a collective purpose, security and flexibility, all the while encouraging and promoting an appreciation for happiness, creativity and resourcefulness in the midst of equipping itself to provide knowledge, understanding, natural ethic, stability, reason and a means of survival for all those involved. Civilization must treasure its constituents and their freedom above all things.

Rules and restrictions should only be considered legitimate if they are accepted through voluntary agreement by all parties to which they apply, both in the domain of enforcement and in that of subjection. Furthermore, a party should be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of comprehension of the proposed terms before consenting to any agreement or being subjected to any obligation, compulsory duty or imposed sanction. All other actions, save those requisite to nature’s whim, should be decided by the liberty of men. For those policies that act in the name of protecting freedom from those who would destroy it, voluntarily or by unconscious action, and those ordinances which act on the premise of justice, they must be sure to serve in the best interest of all men, while maximizing freedom and minimizing restriction.

I have personally witnessed man’s greatest virtues and most absolute convictions disappear into hiding in the face of delusion and fear. Man will sacrifice his last ounce of integrity and reason to defend his most poisonous personal beliefs, most often without any consideration or noticeable conscious or concern. This abject mindset is a destroyer greater than any other. When man chooses not to exercise his freewill in the looming shadows of external edicts, he sacrifices those precious and only things with which he is born; his freewill, his body, his mind and his spirit. This kind of sacrifice is not only unjust, but penetrates life with a dangerously vast effect. This level of apathetic defeat and submission is a primary cause of the suffering of men and so-called evil in the world.

No individual man may lay claim to the all of existence, even in the localized form of the environment in which he lives. It is a stark and undeniable truth that the reality in which we exist in is shared by others and therefore cannot solely belong to any one of us. However, what does belong to each of us is our subjective experience, that is, the life that we choose to lead and the way in which we choose to experience it. Those who seek to deny others of this freedom are attempting to stake a claim to all of man, all of life and all of reality. This is not their claim to fulfill. Those who allow others to push this claim are as guilty as those who are pushing it. There can be no freedom if the manifestation of men’s delusions and errors in judgment represent the substance of reality experienced by others. Likewise, unbound self-interest and reckless hedonistic behavior when exercised within the confines of a civilization will not bring about a free and prosperous result for the individual or civilization as a whole. It will only procure complication and troubles. These types of mistakes do not result in an objective solution that provides individual liberty, nor do they provide a means through which one can contribute to any type of true greater good. As long as man as an individual and as a whole does not think, feel and act on his full capability in complete freedom, we are forever doomed to chaos where there could be order and forever enslaved to order where there should be freedom. That is not to say that each and every last person must fit a specific mold, but rather that he should be free to exercise that which is provided by his natural equality, that of being alive and free. If the position that a man holds and the will that he may choose to exercise does not allow for the positions and will of others to be held and exercised then it cannot be said to be applicable to anyone. Likewise, if a man bases his choices upon a belief that is invalid or unreasonable in a practical sense, he threatens the freedom of himself and of all men. However, beliefs and experiences that affect only that domain which is solely experienced by the individual, those of the mind, should be left solely to the discretion of the individual.

With that, I must pose the following questions: Are you free? Are all men free?

Before that question can be answered, one must truly understand what it means to be free. One must also provide themselves with a full examination of their own circumstance, as well as that of others. As long as all men are not free, no men are free. This is the mire of logic in which we exist.

We must remind ourselves that the illusion of freedom is not freedom itself, just as the illusion of happiness is not happiness itself. This is as literal as understanding that the illusion of magic is not magic itself, nor is the mirage of an oasis actually an oasis, but rather more dead landscape in which we are likely to perish. We should not suppose that things are what they are until we have concluded so through reason, experimentation and full examination. Only then may we say that a thing is what it is.

The ages-old debate still raging among men is that between what is real and what is not, what can be done and what cannot, what is of value and what is not and that of what should be done and what should not. This debate exists both between men and inside them, as external and internal conflict that eats away the very thing it means to be human.

I am here to assist in this debate, to anyone willing to participate.


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