The weakness of backwards minds will eventually expose itself.

This is a message to those backwards minds or anyone interested in my opinion on them.

I will begin to consider your opinions seriously when you can be honest with yourself and with others. You cannot admit a fundamental truth, one which precludes other fundamental and neccessary truths. You need other people. You do not do everything yourself. You are not self-sufficient. Personal responsibility will not stop other people from being irresponsible. Nothing stops an earthquake, no matter how careful and responsible you are. You cannot admit that you need other people, which you do. If you argue that you are self-made, and have bootstrapped yourself to where you are now, I will remind you of some things to consider. That is, after you make your own clothes, shoes, soap, cups, bowls, plates, forks, knives, hammers, tires, engines, cars, gasoline, plastics, computers, medicines, penicillin, fire, flour, wheat, bread, meat, beans, guns, bullets, glass, wiring electricity, powerlines, transformers, gps satellites, the music you hear, the movies you watch, the books you read and anything else you use but pretend “doesn’t count” when it comes to being “self-sufficient”. You buy those things, at best. You buy them from other people who spend their time (which is just as precious as yours) making them. Not only do they spend time making things, they figure things out. They think of things that you will not spend the time thinking about. They create things that you do not create. They contribute to the shared system that provides the opportunity for us to participate in. Yet, they receive less than you. You feel that you deserve more, so you have found clever ways to get more from the system than you put in. Unfortunately, this model will not sustain itself. At one point, either those who contribute will suffer until they disappear, leaving only those like you, who can’t do or make anything other than follow simple instructions provided to you by someone else. The internet on which you are likely reading this may be the surpreme example of this hypocritical claim of the “self-made man”. By its fundamental nature, the internet is the contribution of multiple sources to a shared pool. To exist, the internet REQUIRES computers with different tasks to communicate with and depend on one another. You use the internet to rail against this kind of behavior. I hope you can see the… remind me again, which is it? Irony or hypocrisy.

There are a handful of people receiving this correspondence that live close enough to the earth that they do, indeed, glow with the mystic fires of self-reliance, but they too are just an illusion. Hypocrites in their own right. Liars, all of them. You are a liar too, and if you’re not, it’s because you are a fool. Think, can you remember the last lie you told? I would bet that you can. Even those of you who think they are not liars, try to think a little deeper.

One day, in the not too distant future, a parent will kneel over a bed praying for their child to live just a little while longer. They will beg God for the child to have just a few more years of life. God will not respond.

Weeks later the parent will kneel again, but this time without prayer. All hope will be lost, the child will have only months to live. In the background, the television in the other room will create the only sound in the house. The news will be on on. As the reporter begins to speak, the parent will freeze in disbelief. To them, the story is miraculous. The report will have just announced a cure for the exact disease from which her child is suffering. She will not be able contain her joy, and she will cry out thanking God for his kindness. Her faith will be restored.

The parent will ignore that parents have prayed daily, for as long as people have prayed, over children suffering the exact sickness as their child. Parents who did not experience the joy of a cure. Children who died. The parent will ignore the cure itself, and the researchers, the funding, the years of time spent, the dedication and sacrifices, the cummulative knowledge, the millenia of mathematical and scientific development required to achieve the sort of nanotechnology coupled with understanding of the human biological system required to perform such a simple task with such a noble goal. The same parent will vote and rail against interests that are positive for society, and even positive for themselves, in the name of their religion or ignorance. The same parent will criticize that which they need. The same parent will believe that the men and women who worked their entire lives to come up with this cure shouldn’t have health care of their own unless they “work for it”.

There are some of these people whose job is akin to that of a person who sits in an office, surrounded by lavish gadgets, and simply surfs the internet for most, if not all, of the workday. Sometimes they choose not to come in to the office at all. Sometimes they have a home office and work only a few hours a week. Their job is essentially simple, and requires only the task of sending a few emails a week or responding to a phone call. When they make their sale, close their purchase or whatever it is that they do to get paid, they receive a handsome check which covers far more than their expenses. Because of this extra income, they can afford health care, as well as “nice things”. They believe that they deserve these things, and that the “bums” who want free health care don’t. The same bums who make everything that they use. The same bums who created and built the very products by which they make their income. These people will sell something made by someone else, while claiming that they have worked hard and done it on their own without anyone’s help. These same people believe that the type of life they lead is perfectly acceptable, as there is nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of their labor. Except that they have done no real labor, and they have definitely not contributed to the shared system by which we all live. By which they live, yet in their fog of denial, claim not to. They have shared no labor, no knowledge, no insights. They have been sold an image of life that they believe they want to live. The mirages of fame, celebrity, class and lavishness have spoiled them. They contribute nothing, take everything, and believe that they should not be asked to even contribute some of their income since it is theirs, and they earned it. They want to keep as much for themselves as possible, while finding any means neccessary to keep it, including taking it from others by means of lower wages or acceptable deceit or technicality. For every one of these people that take from the system while not giving, they remove resources that should be available to people who ARE contributing. Many of these people got their jobs or money, from which they claim their entitlement, by means of a personal connection or inheritance. Even those who have worked hard and learned much have still depended on others the entire way. Whether it was the professors that taught them, the craftsmen that trained them, the people who wrote the books they’ve read, the bank, government or family they borrowed their college money from, the government (federal, state or municipal) that pays their salary, the friend or relative they stayed with, the people who made all of the material goods they’ve used in their trade and life, the corporation that pays their salary now or the customers that buy their goods or services. No matter what it is, everyone has depended on others to get where they are. I don’t imagine that most guitarists make make their own guitars, guitar strings, amplifiers, CDs and tourbuses; just as soldiers don’t make their own weapons, tanks, grenades and medical supplies.

These same people, who create the disparities in the economy, are those whose selfish votes put into power those who claim that they will look after and protect only the particular financial interests and dogmatic beliefs that match their own. They have no regard for the collateral damage this produces, the ripples it creates and the wave it forms into. Even when these decisions ultimately negatively affect those who made them, either by means of a crooked electorate or a continual decline of personal and society freedom, health and well-being, they continue making them under the delusion that they are “right”. Their closed minds will not allow in new perspectives, other than surface level examinations for the purposes of criticism, not knowledge. Some of these people bask in their ignorance and consider it a virtue. Often they cannot recognize the value of brain over muscle or mind over matter, although sometimes they fail to realize the value of muscle or matter too. They almost always forget about the heart, unless it is theirs, in which case they defend it viciously. They have forgotten the role that chance and circumstance play in our lives. Children born into poverty, squalor and ignorance do not have the same awareness of opportunity as those born into privilege.

There are unemployeed, sick and disabled engineers, scientists, nurses, janitors, construction workers, artists and people from all walks of life who need help and care, but don’t receive it because of unfair imbalances in the system by which everyone survives. There are homeless and mentally ill alongside perfectly healthy people who suffer because of these inequalities and injustices. Even if they’ve spent their life contributing, they may be down and out now while those who spend their lives complaining that they don’t have enough (for doing less) are well-off. We all depend on everyone, even the undesirables, the ones perceived to do such menial labor that you may have dehumanized them into only their statistical dimension.

We can’t all be “executives”, giving orders to a non-existent workforce, and just because you are one doesn’t mean you are entitled to manipulate and take advantage of everyone else. Even though you probably devoutly believe it, you are not smarter, better, more aware or more deserving… you are just more willing to sacrifice others to benefit yourself, and maybe you’ve put in a little more effort toward that goal than most. You call it ambition, sometimes initiative, but what you really mean is ruthlessness. You have not contributed. Personal freedom and a societal conscience both need to exist, together. This has nothing to do with geography or any other perceived divisions. Your stuff comes from everywhere, people come from everyone. All people are connected. All people are relevant and valuable.

This does not mean that some people could not have or are not allowed to have more than others. In fact, I can imagine a world where those who contribute would have more than those who don’t, rather than the other way around. More does not neccesssarily imply material goods, but perhaps more reward for their realizations and efforts. People who contribute should be able to benefit from their contribution, and more from a larger contribution, this is not something to be ignored. It is the measure by which we define these contributions which must be most closely examined.

As it stands, people who contribute are often rewarded, but rewards also go out to those who don’t contribute and also to those who do everything possible NOT to contribute. This deprives those who make a real effort, as well as establishes a boundary for those wanting to contribute but for whom resources are minimal, if not non-existent, preventing them from taking positive action. Because of this extant condition of society, those who don’t contribute should not be distinguishable from those who CAN’T contribute. A rich thief is still a thief. People are not perfect, or honest or always well-intended, this is recognized, but you joining those ranks doesn’t help anyone except you, and probably not even then, if you consider at the true aggregate of human life. If society were better, if your money went further, if technology were further along and more people were well-informed, healthy and happy and considerate of the lives of others, your own life would almost assuredly be better too.

A conscious effort to make a contribution, to deserve what you have and to respect others who respect others is all that is needed to do accomplish this.

You will feel better about yourself and about life if you do this.

If you do not, I haven’t much use for your opinions.

If you are truly self-sufficient, you aren’t reading this.

Have a nice day! 🙂


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