The Stereo (11:09:13 PM): be sincere, confident, no desperation, be smart, listen to them and what they say, respond with respect

The Stereo (11:09:26 PM): be willing to be wrong, be willing to learn

The Stereo (11:09:40 PM): tell them you have been looking to turn to a more professional route and utilize your intelligence

The Stereo (11:09:51 PM): and that you want something that will allow you to focus and organize, since you love doing that

The Stereo (11:09:53 PM): etc…

The Stereo (11:09:58 PM): play the part that everyone plays

The Stereo (11:10:14 PM): if you were an actor or actress and had a part playing this job, you’d do just what I’m telling you to do in the part and you’d get paid to

The Stereo (11:10:16 PM): treat it the same

The Stereo (11:10:22 PM): it’s all a big stage, a play, and to eat…

The Stereo (11:10:24 PM): you have to play too

The Stereo (11:10:25 PM): the end


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