My Friend: i went to go grab lunch real fast, i ordered take out from this restaurant down the street. while i was in there this kid came in and asked for a glass of water so the hostess brought him one and then went to seat this couple that was waiting while she was gone another couple dropped their check off at the counter and left not wanting the change so the kid got up grabbed it and ran out I CHASED THAT MOTHER $#@ER caught his punk a$$ and got the money back then being the retard that he was decided that instead of running home to mommy he was gonna hang out so i called the cops and when they showed up he ran again so i chased him when he went around this corner a cop was waiting there and totally tackled his ass it was awesome

The Stereo: LOL, while a great story… you probably should have avoided the police and just talked to him.

The Stereo: Cause, if he catches a case, it may mess him up, make him mad at the “system” and get caught up in that cycle that everyone who gets in trouble

My Friend: he’s already on probation

The Stereo: oh, see, that’s really bad man

My Friend: vadalism breaking and entering

The Stereo: cause now he’s gonna violate

The Stereo: and get even worse in jail man!

The Stereo: -(

The Stereo: it’s not so easy in there, trust me

My Friend: dude kids these days won’t learn anyway

The Stereo: more outside than inside

My Friend: good maybe someone will make him his *woman* in there

The Stereo: dude, you know how we talked about reverse causality?

The Stereo: and about karma and the universe and your interpretation of it?

The Stereo: punishment instead of education is going to make your world worse

The Stereo: and the flow of time forward and backwards?

The Stereo: he got in trouble because you called the cops

The Stereo: you’re just watching in reverse

My Friend: yeah explain that to my mom who tried to help kids and not get them in trouble and instead lost her business and everything else

My Friend: technically she’s not allowed to watch her own grandson by herself

My Friend: so when i see kids doing stuff like that screw em they need to get the beat down cuz they aren’t gonna listen to a word you say

The Stereo: you think that happened before now?

The Stereo: I said you’d wake up and forget your enlightenment, so you hold your memories

The Stereo: and keep forming that bad memory

The Stereo: As soon as you stop blaming others, you can find that they will stop being bad.

My Friend: so should i not blame the step dad who molested his daughter(My Friend) since she was 8

My Friend: and the police did nothing

My Friend: let him go

The Stereo: no, absolutely not

My Friend: said oh well she’s over 18 now and never said anything before

The Stereo: but, you might want to look at who molested him…

My Friend: no one molested him

My Friend: and i don’t believe that crap that oh i was molested now i have to grow up and do the same thing to others

My Friend: or be psycho

The Stereo: lucky that you haven’t had that

The Stereo: to know that

My Friend: i know plenty who have

The Stereo: and you don’t know how much they probably want to die

My Friend: and i know a few who have over come it

The Stereo: and you are still forgeting your “enlightened moment” that this is your recreation

The Stereo: why do you think Jesus was said to have died on the cross with thieves and murderers beside him in his forgiveness and he treated them as anyone else?

The Stereo: it is a perpetuation problem in this world

The Stereo: if you wake up with bad memories, they will be there

The Stereo: if you both and all forgot those memories, the world would forget, he and her would forget

The Stereo: and they could be people again

The Stereo: instead of suffer

The Stereo: but, they don’t

The Stereo: because of blame

My Friend: but you also have to protect the people who can’t protect themselves

The Stereo: time works both ways

The Stereo: that’s right, but you aren’t supposed to punish

The Stereo: I don’t agree with everything you do

The Stereo: you buy oil

The Stereo: babies die because of that

The Stereo: MURDERER!!!

The Stereo: it doesn’t work that way

The Stereo: life feeds on life

The Stereo: Moby Dick, contrast

The Stereo: good and bad both

The Stereo: walk the middle path

My Friend: so don’t affect anything eh?

The Stereo: that’s right

The Stereo: only yourself

The Stereo: and then you affect everything

The Stereo: you can’t see it yet

My Friend: but by not affecting i am actually allowing an affect

The Stereo: but when you do, you will understand

The Stereo: do you think a Buddhist would have called the police?

The Stereo: that’s right, contrast again, Moby Dick

My Friend: so how do you stop him from doing it again

The Stereo: you don’t

The Stereo: he does

The Stereo: by feeling compassion

The Stereo: empathy

The Stereo: instead of judgement

The Stereo: you make a dent, not a bullethole

My Friend: so maybe instead i should have stopped him returned the money and offered to buy him lunch

My Friend: since he stole it cuz he wanted lunch

My Friend: or so he says

The Stereo: yup

The Stereo: that’s right man

The Stereo: that’s exactly right

The Stereo: and you came to that on your own

My Friend: you know i forgot my one fundamental belief

My Friend: i am him

My Friend: i forgot to ask myself why would i steal that money

The Stereo: and if he was lying, he has someone to believe him

The Stereo: yup

The Stereo: it’s ok

The Stereo: don’t get hung up, forgive yourself

The Stereo: and get over it -)

The Stereo: he’ll be ok if you forgive yourself

My Friend: how do you not feel so alone?

The Stereo: When you realize that, you won’t either.

The Stereo: All I can do is help.


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