After rigorous academic studies for years and years at my own will, I have formed a significant number of original ideas. I have studied most subjects on a very in-depth level. Subjects such as: string theory, theology, partial differential equations, music, art, entheogenic substances, relationships, finger-painting, love, death and life, to name a few. After all of this I am convinced that no one is correct about everything, many assumptions are based on shaky-at-best premises and questioning the entire current data set of our collective knowledge is the only way to truly become wise.

I have neither the time nor the patience to subject myself to any other bland assumptions, weak theories, subjective interpretations and collections of infinitely available observations presented as facts by the minds of other individuals who recycle knowledge and slap a new label on it.

My purpose has a more superb realization and I hope to inspire you to explore reality without boundaries and preconceived ideas.

After presenting itself in terms I could agree with, the lord on high itself crept back into where it was comfortable and I was on. “Poor Brother Jim”, it cried in natural animation, “Do what you must to do what you must. Rise and be. Love.” With that, I was icy again.

-The Author

Important Supplement: Your assumptions and conclusions about the purpose, truth, and intention behind my writing are wrong.

I know I am not alone in this
The desire to share some value with the world
To discuss my views of the universe(s)
And cyclic natures and rearrangements
Of subjective experience and objective oneness
Manifesting itself into its own inspiration
Speaking of time as if an idle idol
To propagandize my experience
And connect with others in harmony
To share the moment I know of
To rebuild broken bridges
And laugh in the face of fear
While discussing the surety of things
To make sense of all disciplines and rumors
To beg epistemology for some impermanence
To share the illusion with others
In mutual interpretation
With others who know the epiphany
From first hand account
Or to inspire those who do not
To witness the art of all in awe and wonder
To be believed when telling the truth
Ignored when not
And to know the difference
To have really lived and really seen
To have really understood and really been


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