Hypocrisy is a communicable disease of the human condition. Opinion is an infection of society. Wisdom is the cure for both. By opinion, I mean uneducated conclusions rather than subjective interpretations of experience. The individual creative, interpretation and emotion are not the opinion I speak of, but rather the close-minded perspective and surety of ignorance. Fear paralyzes most humans, on many levels, while order and control comfort the masses enough to serve a so-called “greater good”. This comfort leaves individuals in a constant state of discontent and subconscious fear, but pacifies them enough to do nothing about it other than resolve themselves to defeat, both physically and spiritually. The greater good reaps the rewards of our struggles while the leathery fingers of our people sew the holes in their own pants. This imbalance creates a sour harmonic dissonance between our enlightenment and our realities. They do not work well together in this condition. In this condition, faith in all things is lost, most importantly in oneself.


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